eQuest software is a cloud based monthly subscription "Software as a Service" (SaaS).

What are the benefits of cloud based monthly subscription software vs purchasing software outright?
  • Up to date - With eQuest, your software is always up to date. No need to continually purchase expensive updates and download software on each computer every time a new feature comes out – No need to worry if each user’s computer is running the latest version - we update it all for you at no additional cost.
  • New and exciting features are constantly being added to eQuest at no additional cost to you.
  • Better accessibility – eQuest is available to you from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, not just on the computers that have the software loaded on them as with traditional software.
  • Backups – With eQuest, your software is always backed up for you, in multiple locations and at highly secure data centers.
What's included in the one-time eQuest set-up fee?
  • We import your provided client information.
  • We customize lists on eQuest to match your company’s services.
  • We provide online training for your eQuest point person.
  • Plenty of behind the scenes configuration work necessary to get your company up and running using eQuest.
  • Free mobile apps for your employees and customers to use with their Apple (iOS) and Android phones and tablets.
  • We provide your personalized web address for you and your clients to access eQuest.
  • We Personalize the software with your company logo - it’s branded to look like your software!
  • We provide code for your web designer to install an eQuest log-in access for your customers and employees right from your existing website.

What is the minimum monthly fee for eQuest?
  • The minimum monthly fee for eQuest is $750 per month which includes 15 full access user licenses and unlimited FREE customer logins.
  • You can have as many of your customers login as you like for FREE. Its all included in the minimum fee.
  • If you want more than 15 users, the cost per user drops after your 16th user.
REMEMBER... By gaining just one new customer because you offer eQuest to your customers(for free), will likely offset your entire cost of eQuest for your company use. Your customers are not considered users. eQuest does not charge you for your customer users. They are unlimited and FREE! Your customers will love it and they may very well retain your services because you have it!

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Starting at $50 per user/month

15 user minimum - $1550 one time setup fee.

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